Historical Commission Minutes 02/27/2013
Meeting of the Middleton Historical Commission            Feb. 27. 2013  4pm

Present: S. George, L. Davis, A. LeBlanc, M. Tragert.  Also Mr. Tom Mayo, B. Lavosieur, H. Tragert, K. Pentakis

  1. 1 Mr. Mayo discussed the condition of the Train Station Building and his proposal for the reconstruction and reuse of the building.
  3. 2 A proposal letter from Mr. Mayo with design and scope of work costs will be ready for town meeting in May.  March 19 is the last date for information for the May town meeting.
  4. 3  The Historical Commission will do the historic research.  Bostic may have some historic memorabilia to donate.  Granite posts are being stored at the Watkins House.  They will be relocated to the Station Site by the DPW.
  6. 4 Mr. Lavosieur will figure costs for rebuilding the Hearse House and contact the Vo-Teck for their assistance.
The Meeting was adjourned at 5:20pm.  Next meeting planned for Mar. 13, 4pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Tragert, Clerk
Middleton Historical Commission