Historical Commission Minutes 06/12/2013
Meeting of the Middleton Historical Commission    
    June l2, 2013, 4pm

Present: S. George, A. LeBlanc, L. Davis, M. Tragert, and H. Tragert
  1. L. Davis to discuss plan to reconstruct Hearse House with Tom Mayo and to combine this with the Train Station project.  We are ready to go ahead with the Train Station project.  Check with Ryan on contract with Tom Mayo and amount of initial payment.  The Town Meeting approved $9500 for the Train Station project.  Check the amount available for the Hearse House project.
  2.  S. George will call Ryan about the Old Town Hall door project and also contact Susan Gannon to arrange to have her meet with the commission to discuss the plans to replace the front doors of the Old Town Hall.
  3.  The Curtis Mill Site project to be discussed with interested parties. H. Tragert will invite P. Messenger and J. Bacon to the next commission meeting to bring us up to date.
Meeting adjourned @ 4:35pm, the next meeting is scheduled for July 11 @4pm.

Respectfully submitted
Mary Tragert, clerk

Middleton Historical Commission