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Development Review
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Last Updated: 2016/8/30

Development Review Group

In order to create an open and transparent permitting process for citizens and land owners, as well as to facilitate business expansion, the Town of Middleton has created a voluntary pre-application review process.  The Development Review Group (DRG), composed of representatives from town departments involved in development, was established to serve as a “one-stop” shop where applicants may meet with representatives from  departments that are relevant to their specific project.  

DRG  pre-application meetings encourage proactive planning with applicants and help to ensure that   projects move efficiently through the town's permitting process by fostering communication between permitting boards and applicants and also by providing the necessary resources to aid applicants and the general public through what can be a complex and unfamiliar process.     The task of moderating redevelopment and   other land use changes falls to an array of regulations and  bylaws, managed largely by municipal departments,   boards, and commissions.

The DRG is composed of  department representatives and staff to various boards and commissions:

•       Town Administrator
•       Town Planner  
•       Conservation Agent
•       Building Commissioner   
•       Police Chief
•       Fire Chief   
•       Health Director  
•       Middleton Electric Light Manager
•       Assessor

These meetings ensure that applicants are aware of the permits that they must apply for, in which order they should apply, and what they need to provide to make certain that their application(s) is complete.

Scheduling a Development Review Group Meeting

To initiate the Development Review process, please contact Town Planner Katrina O'Leary at (978)777-8917 to schedule a meeting. To ensure that DRG members are able to adequately prepare for each meeting, you will be asked to submit a Development Review Application, a narrative of the proposed project, and sketch plans of the site and building elevations.  You will be notified of the time, place, and date of the next DRG meeting as soon as your project is scheduled.  Please click on the links above for a Development Review Application and description of recommended background information.