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Selectmens Meeting Minutes - 4/6/2010
Joint Finance Committee and Selectmen’s Meeting
Nathan Media Center
April 6, 2010
5:45 p.m.


Chairman Jones called the joint meeting of the Finance Committee and Board of Selectmen to order at 5:45 p.m.
Finance Committee Members Present:  Chair, Steven Cocciardi, Vice-Chair, MichelleCresta, Mr.
Mahoney, Mr. Dow, Sr., Mr. Erickson, and Mrs. Mertz.

Selectmen Present: Chair, Nancy Jones, Mrs. Lindberg, Mr. Houten, Mr. Prentakis and Town

Others Present:  Susan Givens, Chief Financial Officer for Masconomet School Department

The Board of Selectmen approved Warrant #1043 dated April 6, 2010 in the amount of $588,889.93. The
Board also approved School Building Warrant #1043 dated April 6, 2010 in the amount of $140,750.72.

Article #4 – Omnibus Budget Article and Article #5 – Masconomet Assessment - $65,000 Override

Mr. Singer explained that the Finance Committee’s recommendation column within the Omnibus Budget in
Article 4 will be printed as the full amount certified by Masconomet School Committee. The Selectmen’s
recommendation column will have a footnote to explain that $65,000 of  the certified Masco Assessment is
in Article 5 of the Warrant and as a Proposition 2 ½ Override Question on the May 17th Town Election

The Finance Committee agreed that Mr. Singer’s explanations for Articles 4 and 5 makes the warrant and
election ballot clear for the voters to understand.

Mr. Erickson stated that the Finance Committee does not recommend Article 5, but if Article 4 of the
Omnibus Budget within the Selectmen’s recommendation column of the Omnibus Budget passes, the
Finance Committee has a fall-back position to support an override or the assessment.   

Article #7 & 8 Land Purchase and Demolition of Building and Landscaping:

Mr. Singer stated that he spoke with Lois Gianni this morning to remind her that the Land Use Committee needed her final offer by next Tuesday so the amount could be inserted into the Warrant. Mrs. Gianni was also informed that the Selectmen may vote next week to remove the article from the warrant as a result of the Finance Committee’s vote not to recommend the purchase.  (Finance Committee’s vote of 4-3 against purchasing the land)

Mrs. Gianni called back and asked if she lowered her price would it make a difference to the Finance Committee members who could not vote to support the purchase at the higher price. She then offered to lower the price to $350,000 if the Finance Committee would reconsider their vote to support the article.

Mrs. Cresta and Mr. Mahoney stated that they were still on the fence about purchasing the property. The
Finance Committee will be meeting again tomorrow night with a full Board to include Jill Mann and would
be open to reconsideration.

Mr. Prentakis, Chairman of the Community Preservation Committee explained that $50,000 for the
demolition of the building, landscaping and acquisition of the land will be funded from the Community
Preservation Fund and Debt Service.

Finance Committee Funding Source Recommendations Document: (Finance Committee Meeting of
March 29, 2010)

Mr. Mahoney made a motion and was seconded by Mr. Erickson to modify the Funding Source
Recommendation document voted at their March 29, 2010 meeting as follows:

Article #5 to be amended from “Not Recommended” vote to “TBD”. The motion carried 5-1.

Mr. Mahoney made a motion and was seconded by Mrs. Mertz to modify the Funding Source
Recommendation document voted at their March 29, 2010 meeting as follows:

Article 7 to be amended from “Not  Recommended” vote to “TBD”. The motion carried 6-0.

At 6:45 p.m., Mr. Houten made a motion and was seconded by Mr. Prentakis to adjourn the meeting. The
motion carried unanimously.

Timothy P. Houten, Clerk
Middleton Board of Selectmen