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Board of Selectmen Joint Meeting Agenda 08/12/2014
Selectmen’s Meeting & Planning Board
August 12, 2014
7:30 p.m.
Nathan Media Center, Fuller Meadow School

7:30    Call to order
        Town Administrator

7:45    Vote to adopt Massachusetts Attorney General’s Regulations 940 CMR 29.10 to authorize remote participation in the meetings of all Town of Middleton public bodies. ~

7:50    Appointment to Planning Board under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 41, Section 11 to Fill a Vacancy in an Elected Office.  (The Appointing Authority consists of the Board of Selectmen together with the remaining four members of the Planning Board).

            Informal Interviews with the Following Candidates:

            Mr. Luciano Leone
             Mr. Anthony Tierno
             Mr. Erik Dalen, by remote (telephonic) participation as authorized by 940 CMR 29.10

8:00    Re-vote for the Transfer of Alcohol License for Blue Fin Restaurant, 260 South Main Street From Kiyohiko Minemoto, President, Minemoto Enterprises Inc., to Ganesh Bahadur Thapa, President, and Sandra Garcia, Treasurer, RMS Group, Inc.; and, Change of Manager, from Kiyohiko Minemoto to Ganesh Bahadur Thapa, (This matter has to be re-voted because the ABCC requires that hearing notice had to be published, which was not done).

8:30    Execution of Quit Claim Deed for Woodward Road Accepted as a Public Street at May 13, 2014 Annual Town Meeting from ALV Limited Liability Company to the Town of Middleton from Grantor’s title on Deed Recorded with South Essex District Registry of Deeds in Book 19307, at Page 291.

8:35    Appointment to Cultural Council, Ms. Erin Bennett.

8:40     Appointment of Interim Town Accountant and A Screening Committee to Review Applications and  
            Recommend a Candidate or Candidates for Town Accountant/Chief Financial Officer for Consideration  
            By the Board of Selectmen.

8:45    New Business (May be reserved for topics that the Chair did not reasonably anticipate would be discussed)

*The Board reserves the right to consider items on the agenda out of order.  Not all items listed may in fact be discussed and other items not listed may also be brought up for discussion to the extent permitted by l