Board of Selectmen Agenda 12/11/2012
Selectmen’s Meeting
December 11, 2012
7:30 p.m.
Nathan Media Center, Fuller Meadow School

7:30    Call to order
        Town Administrator

7:45    Acceptance of $1,000 Donation from the Curvey Charitable Trust Fund to the Middleton Food Bank
            under the Massachusetts Gift Act.

7:50     Presentation of “Traffic Safety Hero of the Year “Award from AAA Southern New England to Officer  
            Adam Maccini by Chief James DiGianvittorio.

8:05      Recommendation of Candidate for Assistant Treasurer/Collector by C.F.O. –Town Accountant Andrew  
             Vanni and Treasurer Collector, Donald Carter.

8:10    Application of R & D Restaurant Inc d/b/a Dailey’s Restaurant & Pub 245 South Main Street for a   
Change of Manager for the Liquor and Common Victualler Licenses from the late Michael Dailey to Martha Dailey by Attorney Jill Mann.

8:15    Application of WAKI, LLC d/b/a McDonald’s Restaurant, 255 South Main Street for a Change of Manager for the Common Victualler License from Lindsay King Wallin to Rachel Golub by Mr. Robert King, Owner.

8:20    Application for CDM Partners Corp d/b/a Sal’s Pizza, 210A South Main Street to Change Business Name and Manager on Common Victualler License from Darrell Temple, Manager to Gary Wilson, Manager and Business Name to Double N. Inc d/b/a Sal’s Pizza, Mr. Gary Wilson.

8:25     Review of Marijuana Medical Licensing Zoning Control Options and Timetable.

8:35    Vote to Renew all Alcoholic Beverage Licenses for 2013- [see attached list].
        Vote to Renew all Other Licenses for 2013- [see attached list].

8:40    New Business (May be reserved for topics that the Chair did not reasonably anticipate would be discussed.)

*The Board reserves the right to consider items on the agenda out of order.  Any times listed on the agenda are
estimates provided for informational purposes only.  Agenda items may occur earlier or later than the stated