Board of Selectmen Agenda 1/25/2011

Selectmen’s Meeting
January 25, 2011
7:30 p.m.

7:30            Call to order
                Town Administrator

7:45                 Approval of Water Rights Agreement with Ferncroft Tower Condominium  
                        Association and Weston and Sampson Services Inc.

7:55                 Adoption of Policy and Procedure No. 4.13 to the Middleton Police Policy and  
                        Procedure Manual Regarding the Issuance and Use of Police Identification Cards

8:00                 Review of Fire Tanker Bid Results, Contract Award, Summary of Grant  
                        Funding Including Grantee’s Share and Build and Delivery Timetable.

8:10                 Permit Extension Notice from DEP on Water Withdrawal Permit #i9P-3-17-
                        071.01 submitted by Danvers and Middleton.

8:15                 Review of Middleton Town Charter (continued from December 7th meeting),
8:45                 Discussion of Massachusetts Municipal Association Annual Business Meeting  
                        and Legislative and Budget News and Developments

8:55                 Other Business