Board of Selectmen Agenda 8/16/2011
Selectmen’s Meeting
Nathan media Center
Fuller Meadow School
August 16th, 2011
7:30 p.m.


7:30    Call to order Approval of Minutes

        Approval of Warrant
        Town Administrator

7:45     Appointment of Police Officer to Middleton Police Department  

            Candidate:  Police Reserve Officer David Bettencourt
           Summary of Candidate’s Qualifications and Recommendation of Police Chief James  

7:50    Middleton Cultural Council Appointment – Vidula Plante

7:55    Middleton Conservation Commission Appointment – Mr. Antonio Pesce, Applicant

8:00    Review of Temporary Traffic Plan for Opening of New Howe-Manning School

8:15    Review of Landscaping Design and Master Plan Services Request for Proposals for Town  Common and the Front of the Flint Public Library

8:30    Executive Session (MGL Chapter 39, Section 23B Paragraph 3 for Collective Bargaining)