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Planning Board Minutes 07/10/2013
Planning Board, Middleton, MA
July 10, 2013

The Middleton Planning Board met at a regularly scheduled meeting on July 10, 2013 at the Fuller Meadow School, 143 South Main Street, Middleton, Massachusetts at 7:30 PM.

The following board members were in attendance:
Robert Aldenberg, Chairperson
Christine Lindberg, Clerk
David Leary
Beverly Popielski
John Knott (arrived 7:32 pm)

Others present
Richard Bienvenue, Building Commissioner and Karen Matsubara, Recording Secretary

Chairperson Robert Aldenberg called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm

Meeting Minutes-June 12, 2013
MOTION: Made by David Leary to accept the June 12, 2013 minutes as written.  Motion seconded by Christine Lindberg.  Vote 4-0 in favor, motion carried.

Woodbrook Estates-Modification of Definitive Subdivision-Replacement of above-ground drainage basin with underground infiltration system-13 Shipley Court, Map 19, Lot 70M-Mark & Christine Melito
Chairperson Aldenberg stated that the petitioner had requested a continuance because the Town’s Engineer had not yet finished his review.

MOTION: Made by Christine Lindberg to continue the hearing to the next regularly scheduled meeting on August 14, 2013.  Motion seconded by David Leary.  Vote 4-0 in favor, motion carried.

Special Permit-Two Family-6 Perkins Road, Map 19, Lot 13A-Warren Kelly (continued from 5/8/13 & 6/12/13)
Mr. Kelly presented the revised plan to the Board dated June 14, 2013 which incorporated the changes requested at the previous hearings.

Mr. Aldenberg stated that the existing dwelling on the property had to be razed prior to the issuance of a building permit for the new dwelling; the shed also has to be moved.  There was no more discussion; Chairperson Aldenberg called for a vote.

MOTION: Made by Beverly Popielski to approve the plan drawn by Williams & Sparages for 6 Perkins Road (Lot 2F) for applicant Warren D. Kelly and issue a Special Permit for a two-family dwelling.  Motion seconded by David Leary.  Vote 5-0 in favor, motion carried.

Woodward Estates-Status of Definitive Subdivision-L. Perrina
Mr. Aldenberg explained that DPW Director LaBossiere is working with the developer to get everything straightened out to be able to come to the next Town Meeting to have the roadway accepted.

Other business-
Time change for meetings-Mr. Aldenberg stated that at the last meeting he had suggested changing the meeting time to 7:00 pm from now on.  All board members were in agreement with the change.

MOTION: Made by David Leary to change the Planning Board meeting time to 7:00 pm effective August 14, 2013.  Motion seconded by Christine Lindberg.  Vote 5-0 in favor, motion carried.

Beverly Popielski commented on discrepancies between the calculations used for the design of the subdivision’s storm water management and their restrictive covenants.  For example the calculations are based on 2,500 sq ft homes and the covenants don’t allow homes smaller than 3,400 sq ft to be built.  She suggested that a copy of the restrictive covenants be submitted as part of the subdivision plans to ensure the calculations are correct.

Mr. Aldenberg stated that the Planning Board Rules & Regulations need to be amended.

Ms. Lindberg suggested that a subcommittee be formed to do a thorough review along with the Building Inspector and the new Planning Coordinator.

Ms. Popielski requested a report of the tri-partite agreements on the existing subdivisions.

A report will be created by the Planning Board secretary and sent to the members.

MOTION: Made by Christine Lindberg to adjourn.  Motion seconded by David Leary.  Vote all in favor; meeting adjourned at 7:48 pm.