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Size 20th Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament
7K news from the Flint Public Library, Middleton.htm
84K Board of Health Equine Stable Regulations
228K Council - Survey needs your input
77K news from the Flint Public Library, Middleton.htm
213K Commission Vacancies
4K Needed for Town Boards/Committees
43K Council Vacancies
3K Department Newsletter-FoodSafety at Home Tips and Info
293K's Complete Streets Policy Gains National Recognition
2K Fire Safety Video from FEMA
2K Detector Recall Notice from Middleton Fire Dept
3K Stones Speak by Rita Kelley
3703K Sought for Industrial and Commercial Design Review Committee
4K of Middleton proclaimed as Purple Heart Town
2434K Middleton Recreational Opportunities
2K Cultural Council Seeks Members
274K Shingles Vaccine from the Middleton Health Department-Age 65 & Over
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