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BOH Minutes 01/08/2014
 Town of Middleton, Massachusetts
Board of Health

Middleton Board of Health Minute of the Meeting Wednesday January 8, 2014

The Middleton Board of Health held a public meeting on January 8th, 2014 at the Flint Public Library Meeting Room, One South Main Street, Middleton, Massachusetts at 7:00 p.m.

Board Members Present:
Robert Ambrefe, Chair
George Demerritt
Paul LeBlanc
Matthew Greenfield
Others Present:
Derek Fullerton, Public Health Director
Mike Boodry, Public Health Intern
Chairman Ambrefe opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m.

Meeting Minutes
The minutes from the previous meeting were not available at the time of the meeting. Chairman Ambrefe tabled the minutes review until the next scheduled meeting.
The Board discussed potential replacements for Ms. Haynes to record the meeting minutes going forward. Chairman Ambrefe and Mr. Greenfield stated that they each may know an interested party and would inquire about the opportunity.

2014 Health Department Operating and Capital Budget
Total budget for 2014 is approximately $108,000. The 2014 budget was level funded with a cost of living increase for each employee. This budget amount includes the salary for all employees of the Health Department. The travel budget was decreased by Mr. Fullerton this year due to fuel cost savings and other factors. Mr. Fullerton submitted a request for a plotter/scanner for the printing of plans and use for town-wide GIS system in the 2014 budget.

Mike Boodry Department of Public Health Intern
Mr. Boodry is a student at Mass Maritime and during his intership will focus on preparing for the audit of the Emergency Dispensing Site Plan by the CDC. Mike is working to fill in the gaps identified during last year’s audit.

Proposed Town of Middleton Storm Water and Illicit Discharge Bylaw and Regulations: Town Meeting 2014.
These bylaws are being worked on by Town Planner Katrina O’Leary. The EPA established the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES). In the case of Middleton, the focus is to help reduce the storm water runoff from construction sites. As a community, Middleton is required to implement eight steps to help reduce storm water runoff. Steps include mapping storm outlets, finding illegal connections, documenting dry-weather flow and public education about pollutants and re-charge. A public hearing is scheduled with the planning board and the master planning committee for January 28, 2014.
The Board of Health is named in the bylaw although this does not fall under the BOH jurisdiction so board members should be aware of and familiar with the bylaw. The regulations will be enforced using a ‘Comprehensive Storm Water Permit’ and a ‘Simple Storm Water Permit.’ For any construction a permit would be required and the permit type would be dependent upon the size of the project. These regulations would help to prevent the illegal diversion of storm water onto adjacent property. Comprehensive Storm Water Permit applications would be reviewed by an external engineering firm. Simple Storm Water Permits will be reviewed by town departments.

2014 Board of Health Goal and Projects Discussion
Chairman Ambrefe would like to discuss projects to be undertaken during 2014 and a discussion of what regulations need reviewing for possible updates.

Middleton Rail Trail
In conjunction with the Town of Danvers Rail Trail Committee, the Middleton Rails to Trails Committee will apply for a joint grant to develop the rail trail from the Danvers town line to Gregory St. in Middleton. Mr. Fullerton hopes that this will be the beginning of the rail trail system in Middleton leading to much more development of this trail system, including increased cooperation between Middleton and Danvers on this project.

Healthy Eating Initiative
Ms. Traci Mello and Mr. Fullerton will go to the elementary schools to deploy the ‘My Plate’ program to the pre-school students.
Additionally, Mr. Fullerton would like to try to partner with restaurants in town to identify healthy options from the menu of each establishment and using the Middleton Health Department Logo to identify these healthy options on the menu. These restaurants can then be promoted on the Health Dept. Facebook page.

Mr. Fullerton would like to utilize social media (Facebook, Twitter) as a communication tool for the different types of information that is conveyed by the Health Dept. The posting of Flu Clinic times and locations would be a good example of this type of information. Chairman Ambrefe would like to make the use of social media a priority for Mr. Fullerton to better promote all of the activities of the Health Dept.

Health Department Accreditation
This is typically undertaken by county Health Departments, but Mr. Fullerton would like to understand the criteria for becoming accredited. Mr. Fullerton will research these requirements.

Electronic Death Registration
Burial permits will now be handled electronically. The filings can now be done online. Mr. Fullerton is required to sign off upon burial permits for persons that die within the Town of Middleton.

SOP’s for Restaurant Inspectors and Food Policies
Mr. Fullerton would like to establish standard policies for food inspectors.
In addition, Mr. Fullerton would like to require that restaurants have at least one employee ‘on shift’ that is certified in food service safety (Servesafe).
Per FDA recommendation, Mr. Fullerton would like to require restaurants to have an employee illness policy that requires sick employees to report their illness to the manager on duty so that the manager can decide whether or not that employee is fit to work.

Regulations for Review
Medicinal Marijuana Regulations
Stable Regulations – There are currently fifteen permitted stables in town with only half of the stables currently housing animals.
Chairman Ambrefe would like to see, by June, the use of social media for various communications, a policy for the food service safety requirement and various SOP’s and a review of possible stable regulations. After the first half of the year we can re-evaluate the remaining goals and re-prioritize.
Mr. Fullerton thanked Mr. Boodry for his contributions thus far and praised his dedication and work.

Next Meeting
The next scheduled Board of Health Meeting will be held on March 5, 2014 at 7 p.m.

Motion: There being no further business, Mr. Demeritt moved to adjourn the meeting. Mr. LeBlanc seconded the motion. Motion carried 4-0.
Respectfully submitted,
Matthew Greenfield