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Health Minutes 07/10/2013
 Town of Middleton, Massachusetts
Board of Health
July 10, 2013
The Middleton Board of Health held a public meeting on July 10, 2013
at the Flint Public Library Meeting Room, 4 South Main Street, Middleton, Massachusetts at 7:00 p.m.
Board Members Present:
Robert Ambrefe, Chair
George Demeritt
John Goodwin
Paul LeBlanc
Matthew Greenfield
Others Present:
Derek Fullerton, Public Health Director
Ron Ranere
Mike Morrison
John Stanchfield
Angelo Trodella
Ann Trodella
Jim Paikos
Chairman Ambrefe opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m.
Chairman Ambrefe asked if any Board members had any comments or corrections to the meeting minutes of July 10, 2013.
Mr. Greenfield believed that the vote on the minutes was recorded incorrectly. Mr. Fullerton responded to Mr. Greenfield stating he would listen to the recording and make sure the proper vote is added to the record.
Mr. Greenfield also noted two corrections that should be made on page 2. In the 3rd paragraph, “mostly likely” should be changed to “most likely”; and (Mr.) Steinel was omitted from the last paragraph.
Mr. Demeritt added that on page 2 the motion for 21 Forest Street was not completed.
Mr. Fullerton again stated he would make sure all corrections are made and the proper motions are recorded.
MOTION: John Goodwin moved to accept the meeting minutes of July10, 2013 as amended. George Demeritt seconded the motion. Motion carried 4-0. 7.10.13 Board of Health Minutes Page 2

Prior to discussion of the variance, Mr. LeBlanc recused himself, as he is a member of the Danvers Fish and Game Club.
Mr. Fullerton explained that he was recently approached by the architect hired by Danvers Fish and Game Club with plans to renovate the kitchen located in the main clubhouse located at 20 Birch Road.
Mr. Fullerton explained that because the renovations included many features of a commercial kitchen, he then spoke with the architect and the three members on their intent of the use of the kitchen. Mr. Fullerton specifically asked if the Club had any future intentions to rent it out as a commercial kitchen. The members assured Mr. Fullerton that the kitchen would only be used for their own private functions, and would not be rented out.
Mr. Fullerton informed the members that even though the kitchen would have limited use, they would still need to follow the Title V guidelines food facilities. Title V guidelines would make it necessary to install an external grease trap.
Since the installation of an external grease trap is very costly, and the kitchen would not be used commercially, Mr. Fullerton supported the clubs request to replace their current internal grease trap with an Automatic Grease Recovery Unit.
Mr. Fullerton described the benefits of installing an Automatic Grease Recovery Unit, as well as what it looks like and how it works.
Mr. Fullerton then told the members that if they installed the Automatic Grease Recovery Unit, Title V allows for a variance of the external grease trap. The members were present to request the following local variance: 310 CMR 15.230 (1) to install external grease trap for renovation of main clubhouse kitchen.
At this time, Mr. Fullerton asked if the three members of the Danvers Fish and Game Club would like to provide any additional information to the Board.
Board of Directors member, John Stanchfield stated that the by-laws and policies of the Club prevent the facility from being rented out for public use, so the kitchen would never be used for anything other than their private functions.
Mr. Chairman then asked if any of the members were Serve Safe certified. Mr. Stanchfield stated there is not, but could have a member certified if needed. Mr. Fullerton will review the file to see if there is one file and will communicate with the club on how a person in charge of the food facility can become certified if not already.
MOTION: Mr. Goodwin moved to accept the following local variance request for the property located at 20 Birch Road: Danvers Fish and Game Club, Inc. Private Facility Kitchen (Map 26 Lot 14): Variance from 310 CMR 15.230 (1) to install an external grease trap for renovation of main clubhouse kitchen. Mr. Demeritt seconded the motion. Motion carried 4-0. 7.10.13 Board of Health Minutes Page 3

Mr. Fullerton explained that Creative Remembrances is a new food establishment being opened within the strip mall located at 170 North Main Street, and will be preparing mainly cakes and cupcakes.
Mr. Fullerton explained that the owners of the proposed business, Angelo and Ann Trodella, have been trying to get their permit for some time now. It has been a long process and they were told an external grease trap would be necessary before opening their shop.
Mr. Fullerton’s investigation of the septic system on the property determined that it is held in common ownership between the other businesses on the property, and that there is one existing external grease trap servicing Joseph’s Grill. Mr. Fullerton requested that the Trodellas and property owner investigate whether or not Creative Remembrances could utilize the existing grease trap. Mr. Fullerton was informed that each business has their own separate plumbing that is mostly exterior, which would make connecting to the grease trap very difficult and extremely expensive for the Trodellas.
The Trodellas then spoke with Mr. Fullerton and said the added expense would prohit them from opening their business, and asked him if there was any alternative to having an external grease trap. Mr. Fullerton advised the Trodellas that subject to a variance approval, they could possibly install an Automatic Grease Recovery Unit, in lieu of an internal grease trap.
Mr. LeBlanc asked Mr. Fullerton if the septic system had design flow capacity for this type of use. Mr. Fullerton stated that the septic system has been reviewed by an engineer for capacity and it is acceptable.
Mr. Fullerton added that he only has minor concern with the Trodellas disposing flour into the septic system, and perhaps a little shortening, but since the Trodellas have agreed to install the AGR he fully recommends the Board granting them the variance.
Mr. LeBlanc expressed his concern with allowing this type of business to Mr. Paikos, the property owner. Mr. LeBlanc told Mr. Paikos that he would be fully liable if anything should happen to the septic system.
Mr. Paikos assured Mr. LeBlanc that the tank is maintained properly. It is pumped every six months, and just last month he had a problem with the pumps, and they were replaced the next day. The tank also passed Title V last year.
Mr. Fullerton added that if the Board accepted the variance, it is ultimately Mr. Paikos responsibility in making sure that there are no foreign substances causing harm to the system.
Mr. Trodella assured the Board that they are a very small establishment and will have minimal waste going into the septic system.
The Board briefly discussed the details of installing a separate external grease trap, and agreed to accept the variance.
At this time, Mr. Demeritt made the motion to approve the variance and Mr. LeBlanc seconded the motion requesting the variance be granted to Creative Remembrances only. Mr. LeBlanc explained that it should be subject to this business only in the event another food establishment were to open there in the future. The Board agreed, and considered it within the motion.
MOTION: Mr. Demeritt moved to accept the local variance for the property at 170 North Main Street: Food Establishment-Creative Remembrances (Map 16 Lot 69) with the condition that the variance only be approved for Creative Remembrances: Variance from 310 CMR 15.230 (1) to install an external grease trap for renovation for a proposed new food establishment preparing mainly cupcakes. Mr. 7.10.13 Board of Health Minutes Page 4

LeBlanc seconded the motion. Motion carried 4-0.
Mr. Fullerton announced that the Health Department has initiated a community nutrition campaign along with Public Health Nurse Traci Mello. The campaign was funded by monies left over in the Community Health Budget at the end of the Fiscal Year.
For the campaign, Mr. Fullerton and Ms. Mello will be setting up an educational table at the farmers market. They will be giving out plates that are printed with instructions on preparing a well-balanced meal and assist in portion control. The plates will be given out after children participate in a nutrition base activity that will be created by Ms. Mello. The Health Department intends to conduct this program within the elementary school system of Middleton.
Mr. Fullerton informed the Board he has submitted Middleton’s Vector Management and Best Management Practice for 2013, and has not changed from last year. Mr. Fullerton is currently working with the Northeast Massachusetts Mosquito Control and Wetlands Management District on the town’s Integrated Pest Management Plan, and making sure it is up to date. Also, Mr. Fullerton and Mr. Chairman will be looking at last years Mosquito Protocol, and recommend recommendations that are more in line with the states guidelines and recommendations during the arborvirus season.
Mr. Fullerton updated the Board on the on going investigation being done by the Department of Public Health regarding Essex Aggie and North Shore Vocational School. Mr. Fullerton stated he had not yet received an official report from the DPH, but was informed that indoor air quality testing was performed at North Shore Vocational School that resulted in no significant findings. Also, Mr. Fullerton has not received the results of the site walk of the East Street Landfill investigation that the State DPH conducted in May (Fullerton was in attendance). Not in official writing, but verbally, DPH personnel has indicated that they do not see the landfill having any correlation to the case.
Mr. Fullerton announced that the SNAP program has been implemented at the Middleton Farmer’s Market, and recipients of SNAP and EBT benefits may shop there.
Mr. Fullerton discussed the program and how it works with the Board. Mr. Fullerton stated he would be doing additional advertising to promote the Farmer’s Market and to get people with these benefits to shop there.
Mr. Fullerton announced that the skin cancer grant Traci Mello, PHN, applied for has been awarded to Middleton, along with other select communities. A tent has been purchased with the grant money to be used for educational displays at town events. Mr. Chairman told Mr. Fullerton that the grant is something that should be recognized by the town. Mr. Fullerton agreed and plans to use social media to promote the Board of Health and all the great work it does. 7.10.13 Board of Health Minutes Page 5

Mr. Fullerton informed the Board that Mr. Giacalone was in Dallas and unable to attend the meeting. Mr. Fullerton added the appointment of Mr. Giacalone to the Agenda before knowing he would be away. Mr. Fullerton provided the Board with background information about Mr. Giacalone, who is the Health Director in Saugus, MA.
After a brief discussion, the Board agreed it would be in the best interest of the board to appoint Mr. Giacalone in his absence so he can commence work. The Board plans on meeting Mr. Giacalone at the next Board meeting in September.
MOTION: Mr. Demeritt moved to appoint Frank Giacalone Registered Sanitarian, as an agent of the Board of Health to perform food inspections. Mr. LeBlanc seconded the motion. Motion carried 4-0.
The next regular Board meeting will be held on September 18, 2013, at 7 p.m.
MOTION: There being no further business, Mr. Demeritt moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:15 pm. Mr. Goodwin seconded the motion. Motion carried 4-0.
Respectfully submitted,
Stacey Haynes
Recording secretary