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Health Agenda 05/01/2013

 Middleton Board of Health
Wednesday, May 1, 2013
7 p.m.
Flint Library Meeting Room
1 South Main Street, Middleton MA 01949
Minutes of March 6, 2013

21 Forest Street (Map 17 Lot 46R):
(1) 310 CMR 15.211(1) reduction from Soil Absorption System (SAS) to proposed in ground pool from twenty feet (20.0’) to five feet (5.0’);

259 South Main Street (Map 33 Lot 20): Local Upgrade Approval Requests:

(1) 310 CMR 15.405 1(B) to increase the maximum allowable depth of a system component from 36” to 51”
(2) 310 CMR 15.405.1 (H) to reduce the required four foot (4.0’) separation between the bottom of the soil absorption system and high groundwater elevation to three and a half feet (3.5’).

76 Lake Street (Map 24 Lot 74): Local Upgrade Approval Requests:

310 CMR 15.405(1)(g)
(1) reduction from Soil Absorption System (SAS) to from a surface water supply from four hundred feet (400’) to one hundred eighty six feet (186’);

310 CMR 15.405(1)(g)
(1) To reduce the setback between the tanks and a surface water supply from four hundred feet (400’) to one hundred sixty eight feet (168’);

310 CMR 15.405(1)(j)
(1) To reduce the separation distance from inlet and outlet tees to high groundwater from the required twelve inches (12”0 to within six inches (6”);

MBOH Section 339-12(A)
(1) To reduce the required design flow rate of the proposed system from the local requirement of one hundred fifty (150) gpd/bedroom to the state requirement of one hundred ten (110) gpd/bedroom

MBOH Section 339-8(C)
(1) To reduce the required local setback from the SAS to a wetland from one hundred feet (100’) to fifty (50’);

Lot 7D-North Main Street (Plan Book 297, Plan 10); Feasibility discussion for development of aforementioned property in relation to Middleton Board of Health regulation 339-8(C)(1)&(2); setback from SAS to wetlands.

Essex Aggie / North Shore Vocational School Investigation: Update

Salvation Army Service Extension /Funds and Services Program

Town Meeting: May 14th @ Howe Manning School

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