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Masconomet Regional School Committee
Wednesday, April 2, 2014 at 7:00 PM
Ralph Osgood Presentation Room
Posted 3/28/14@11:05 am
Middleton Town Clerk's Office

20 Endicott Road, Topsfield, MA  01983

TO:     Town Clerk,     Boxford

FROM:  Olga Langlois, Secretary
        Masconomet Regional School District

This is to inform you, and through you to inform all interested citizens, that the Masconomet Regional District School Committee has scheduled the following meeting:

Regular School Committee Meeting, Wednesday, April 2, 2014 – 7:00 p.m. Ralph Osgood Presentation Room

Anticipated Agenda:
  • Regular Meeting – Call to Order
  • Remarks by the Chair – P. Fitzsimmons
  • Superintendent Evaluation
  • Consent Agenda
1.  Approval of February 26, 2014 FY15 Budget Deliberations School Committee Meeting Minutes
2.  Approval of February 27, 2014 FY15 Budget Deliberations School Committee Meeting Minutes
3.  Approval of March 5, 2014 Regular School Committee Meeting Minutes
4.  Approval of Student Participation in International Trip to London Spring of 2014
5.  Accept Policies Requiring New Reconsideration Date*-All Policies will have 5 yrs added to reconsideration date.

GCR – Nonschool Employment of Staff
GCRA – Professional Activities of Teachers
GCRD – Tutoring for Pay
GDB – Support Staff Contract
GDBD – Support Staff Fringe Benefits
GDC – Support Staff Leaves and Absences
GDCC – Support Staff and FMLA
GDD – Support Staff Vacations and Holidays
GDE – Support Staff Recruiting/Posting
GDF – Support Staff Hiring
GDF-R Procedures for Support Staff Hiring
GDJ – Support Staff Assignments & Transfers
        GDK – Support Staff Time Schedules & Calendar
        GDQD – Suspension & Dismissal of Support Staff
HA – Negotiations Goals
HB – Negotiations Legal Status
HC – Prohibited Practices
HE – School Committee Negotiating Powers & Duties
HF – School Committee Negotiating Agents
HM – Announcement of Final Negotiated Agreement
HN – Resolution of Disputes Under The Agreement
HO – Impasse Procedures
HP – Staff Job Actions
KBA – School/Parent Relations Goals
KBD – Communications With Parents
KBE – Relations with School-Community Organizations
KCB – Community Involvement in Decision-Making
KCD – Public Gifts to the Schools
KDD – News Media Relations/News Releases
KEA – Public Complaints About Policy Decisions
KF – Authorized Use of School-Owned Equipment
KFB – Community Use of School Facilities
KFBA – Community Performances by School Musicians
KFCA – Use of School Grounds for Motor Vehicles
KHA – Public Solicitations in the Schools
KHB – Advertising in the Schools
KHC – Promotional Materials in the Schools
KI – Visitors to the Schools
KLG – Relations with Police Authorities
KLH – Relations with the Fire Department
KLJ – Relations with Planning Authorities
KLK – Relations with Local Governmental Authorities
LA – Education Agency Relations Goals
LDA – Student Teaching and Internships

6.  Warrants $3,553,530.85 – Fifteen (15) Warrants Signed Since Last Meeting
D.   Approval of February 12, 2014 Executive Session Minutes  
E.  Comments from the Audience  
F.   Student Presentation – Foreign Exchange Trip
G.  Comments from the Principals
H.  Financial Report – S. Givens, CFO
        1.     Insurance Advisory Council Recommendation
        2.     Prior Year Expense Approval
        3.     Ultimate Frisbee Assistant Coach
        4.     User Fee Report
I.    Reports of the Subcommittees      
  • Fiscal Management Subcommittee – E. Dierze
  • Personnel Subcommittee – L. Richards
  • Screening Committee Appointment Change
  • Focus Group Update
  • Superintendent Search Timeline
  • Policy Subcommittee – J. Spencer
  • Policy DB – Annual Budget – 2nd Reading
  • Policy DIBB-R – Student Activity Policy- 2nd Reading
  • Policy DJE – Procurement Procedure – 2nd Reading
  • Policy IJNDB – Acceptable Use Policy – 1st Reading
  • Policy IJNDB-E Internet Acceptable Use Policy for Staff – 1st Reading
  • Policy LB – Relations with Other Schools and School Districts – 1st Reading
  • Policy LBC – Relations with Non-Public Schools – 1st Reading
  • Policy KDB – District Public Records – 1st Reading
  • Policy KDC – Web Page – 1st Reading
  • Policy KE – Public Complaints – 1st Reading
  • Policy KEB – Public Complaints About School Personnel – 1st Reading
  • Policy KEC – Public complaints About Curriculum or Instructional Materials – 1st Reading
  • Communications Subcommittee – K. Tyler
  • Ad Hoc Student Support Organization Update – E. Direze

J.   Update from the Superintendent                     
        1.    Courtyard Dedication Update

K.   Other Business, Old or New

L.  Adjournment & Executive Session (Negotiations)

The listing of matters are those reasonably anticipated by the Chair which may be discussed at the meeting.  Not all items listed may in fact be discussed and other items not listed may also be brought up for discussion to the extent permitted by law.