Masconomet Regional District School Committee
Wednesday, November 6, 2013 at 7:00 PM
Ralph Osgood Presentation Room
20 Endicott Road, Topsfield, MA  01983

TO:     Town Clerk,     Boxford

FROM:   Olga Langlois, Secretary
Masconomet Regional School District

This is to inform you, and through you to inform all interested citizens, that the Masconomet Regional District School Committee has  scheduled the following meeting:
School Committee Meeting, November 6, 2013 – 7:00 p.m. – Ralph Osgood Presentation Room

Anticipated Agenda:

  • Regular Meeting – Call to Order
  • Remarks by the Chair – P. Fitzsimmons
  • Public Auction of Property Abutting Masconomet
C.  French/Spanish Exchange Presentation – Student Presentation
D.  Consent Agenda
1.  Approval of October 16, 2013, Regular School Committee Meeting Minutes
2   Masconomet Regional Scholarship Foundation Annual Report
3.  GE Star Award for Science Teacher to be used for Science Department
4.  Accept STEM Grant from North Shore Career Center
5.  Accept $7,325.00 Donation from Masconomet HS Boys Hockey Boosters for Ice Time
6.  Accept Policies Requiring New Reconsideration Date* All policies will have 5 Years added to reconsideration date.
  Policy AA – School District Legal Status
 Policy AB – The People and Their School District                              
Policy ACAA - Harassment
Policy - DBE/ACG – Grievance Procedure Resolution of Discrimination Complaints
Policy ADB Drug-Free Schools
Policy ADD – Safe Schools Policy
Policy AE – Commitment to Accomplishment
Policy BAA – Evaluation of School Committee Operational Procedures
Policy BA – School Committee Operational Goals
Policy BB – School Committee Legal Status and Authority
Policy BBA – Powers and Duties of School
Policy BBAA – School Committee Members Authority
Policy BBBE – Vacancies on the School Committee
Policy BBBG – Apportionment Review
Policy BCA – School Committee Member Ethics
Policy BDB – School Committee Officers
                Policy BDD – School Committee/Superintendent Relations
                Policy BDE – Task Forces of the School Committee
                Policy BDFA – School Councils
                Policy BDG – School Attorney
                Policy BEDB – Agenda Preparation and Dissemination
Policy BEDC – Quorum
Policy BEDH – Public Participation
                Policy BEDJ – Broadcasting/Taping of School Committee Meetings

Policy BGA – School Committee Policy Development
Policy BGC – Policy Revision and Review
Policy BGD – School Committee Review of Regulations
Policy BGF – Suspension of Policies
Policy BHC – School Committee/Staff Communications
Policy BIA – New School Committee Orientation
Policy BIBA – School Committee Conferences, Conventions, and Workshops
Policy BID – School Committee Member Compensation and Expenses
Policy BK – School Committee Membership
Policy CA – Administration Goals
Policy CB – Office of Superintendent
Policy CBD – Superintendent’s Contract
Policy CBI – Evaluation of the Superintendent
Policy CCB – Line and Staff Relations
Policy CEA – School Councils
Policy CF – School Building Administration
Policy CH – Policy Implementation
Policy CHB – School Committee Review of Regulations
Policy CHCA – Approval of Handbooks and Directives
Policy CHD – Policy Absence
Policy CM – Annual Report

7.  Warrants $1,905,086.02 Twelve (12) Warrants Signed Since Last Meeting
E.  Comments from the Audience
F.   Comments from Principals
G.  District Goals Presentation – J. Zeuli, English Department Head, D. Tenanty, Mathematics Department Head, K. Blakeslee, Science & Technology Education Department Head, P. Bullard, Director of Pupil Personnel Services
H.   Financial Report – S. Givens, CFO
        1.  Field House Curtain Repair/Donation
        2.  Science Team Transportation Assistnat
I.  Reports of the Subcommittees        
  • Fiscal Management Subcommittee – E. Dierze
  • Personnel Subcommittee – L. Richards
  • Policy Subcommittee – J. Spencer
  • Policy DB – Annual Budget – 1st Reading
  • Policy DDA – Grants from Private Sources – 1st Reading
  • Policy DIBB-R – Student Activity Policy – 1st Reading
  • Policy DJE – Procurement Procedure – 1st Reading
  • Policy DJE-R2 – Purchasing Process – 1st Reading
  • Communications Subcommittee – K. Tyler
J   Update from the Superintendent                      
K. Other Business, Old or New   
L.  Adjournment   

The listing of matters are those reasonably anticipated by the Chair which may be discussed at the meeting.  Not all items listed may in fact be discussed and other items not listed may also be brought up for discussion to the extent permitted by law.

Posted: District Administration Building, 20 Endicott Road, Boxford, Massachusetts, District Bulletin Board 10/31/13.