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Questions about Other Topics
I am interested in buying a lot of land to build a house .How do I know if this is buildable?
The first step is to determine whether the lot meets current zoning bylaws. If not it might need zoning relief
Do inspectors carry identification?
Yes, please feel free to ask to see it.

What is Construction Control?
Projects that require the services of a professional architect or engineer throughout the entire project. The Architect or Engineer provide reports and affidavits claming that the work meets the Massachusetts building code and other requirements if necessary.
What if I want to change or emend my plans?
If you need to change your plans after your building permit has been issued, you must file an amendment (with the revised plans and a description of work to be changed and pay an amendment fee.)
What do I do when the work is completed

When you have completed your project, you will need to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy if:

  • The building or structure is new
  • The use of an existing building or structure has been changed, floor reconfigured, egress affected or capacity change
  • The Owner of the Building requests a Certificate of Occupancy
  • No Certificate of Occupancy was issued prior to the start of work