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Welcome to Middleton, Massachusetts

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Employment - Workforce Training
Looking for Employment?  We Can Help!

We offer two programs through our Job Development Center:

Senior Tax Work-Off Program (contact Susan Gannon @ 978-777-4067):  If you are 60+ and live in Middleton in a home in which you are listed on the deed, then you may qualify to earn up to $1000, per calendar year, in real estate tax credits.  The work you do will be for the benefit of the residents of Middleton.  We have a wide range of job opportunities in various municipal departments.  We have an application for you to submit, along with a policy statement.  All applications are processed through the Middleton Council on Aging.  

Two people who are listed on the same deed may “job-share”, if qualified, to earn the maximum of $1,000 per household, per calendar year.  There is still plenty of time for anyone to earn all or part of this credit before the deadline of 12/31/11.  Credit will be applied to the tax bill due in February of 2012.  You may be reconsidered for work starting again 1/1/2012 for all, or a portion of that calendar year.

There have been times when these jobs, and/or other volunteer jobs, have resulted in part-time employment by the Town of Middleton, although there is no guarantee of same.

Private/Public Sector Jobs Program (contact Bill Walczak @ 978-777-4067):  In these tough economic times, it is especially gratifying that we have  been able to place numerous people in jobs in local government and businesses, both in-town and in the general area.  We work with a highly trained job developer to place Middleton residents, 55+, according to their abilities.   

Putting Mature Middleton residents to work is our goal.  Our reputation is such that local employers are coming to us with job listings.  It is a documented fact that the majority of mature workers are noted for their experience, reliability and professionalism.  

If you are a local business owner, we would be very interested in working with you as well.  
Please give us a call….ask for Bill Walczak @ 978-777-4067.